What makes the Blackberry Storm 9530 stand apart from the rest of the smart phones?

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The Blackberry Storm 9530 is the first in the Blackberry series which comes with a touch screen interface. It does not have a physical keyboard and its design departs significantly from the previous models. This is seen as an attempt by its manufacturers, Research in Motion to move towards the iPhone design.

The phone is solid with comfortable contouring on the sides. It has a glossy exterior and when compared with the iPhone, it is slightly heavier and larger in dimensions. The Blackberry Storm 9530 has four physical buttons placed along the bottom of the screen, these are the CALL START, CALL END, MENU and GO BACK buttons.

The volume keys and the camera buttons have been placed along the right edge while the left edge takes the voice dialing button. In addition, on the right, RIM has located a 3.5mm headphone jack which enables users to plug in a standard headphone.

Right at the top of the Storm, you will find the lock and mute soft points, these are positions onto which you can apply slight pressure to activate the function. Input to the Storm is via a 3.3 inch, 360 by 480 pixel touch screen with excellent colors to boot. Execution is by fingertips and there is no provision for a stylus. The 3.2 megapixel camera lens with its flash has been fitted onto the rear of the phone.

The Storm’s interface has departed radically from previous models. This of course is likely to be due to the introduction of the touch screen which is absent in previous models. The home screen has eight buttons for frequently used tools, such as messages, contacts, and calendar.

A full-screen view of all the available applications can be obtained by tapping the physical menu button along the bottom. To scroll through this list, you use the finger to do a swipe.

With the Storm, you can send and receive images in text messages and you can select text, then copy and paste it. And as is the case with other Blackberry phones, there is true push e-mail.

For those who are multimedia fans, a video camera has been built in.

For users inclined to internet and networking, you can use the Storm as a modem for your notebook. This would attract an additional premium of $15 per month.

Word processing and Spreadsheet functionalities have also been provided and these come via the Word to Go and Sheet to Go applications.

The Blackberry Storm 9530 initially had a few issues which were likely to frustrate users but fortunately these have now been resolved through software update packs. The updates are free and are available online making it possible for owners to run and update their phones over the air.

There is however a persisting issue relating to the top of the phone soft points, these buttons for lock and mute are subject to accidental pushing when the phone is carried for example in the pocket.

In as far as pricing is concerned, the Storm retails at a start price of $199.99 but this again depends on one’s country of residence.

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