I finally got an iPhone. What's are the popular iPhone App Choices?

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You did your research, asked friends for recommendations and even scoured gadget blogs for the best smartphone reviews. It was a great experience, realizing that these phones are truly capable of making your life better. Ultimately, you had to decide which suits you best.

Congratulations, you’re now a proud owner of an iPhone. Now what are your iPhone App choices?

It works great out of the box and your iPhone comes with standard and highly usable apps. As the market leader, the iPhone has built quite a reputation for delivering delightful conveniences thanks to its growing library of over 800,000 apps. By carefully picking apps that adapt to your lifestyle, you can practically turn your smartphone into a turbocharged productivity tool in minutes.

There’s pretty much an app for everything, ranging from location based apps that give you real-time recommendations on where to eat to applications that allows you to book an appointment with a doctor nearby. With a variety of iPhone app choices, users have different needs but as a rule of thumb, you have to determine which works best for you, whether in the context of office productivity, the consumption of media or discovering places around you, and entertainment through an array of compelling games.

To start, make your iPhone work for you. It comes with an impressive camera that’s capable of not just capturing great photos but interestingly, can double as a powerful scanning tool as well. TurboScan, priced at $0.99 has the ability to scan high resolution documents, which is good if you have to send a quick document with your signature on it. There’s also a great electronic signing app alternative as well through popular apps like DocuSign and EchoSign.

On the document front, It’s still cumbersome to edit documents on your smartphone, despite efforts by app developers to adjust to a touch screen interface. But if you have to, there are great word processors through Apple’s own iWork suite and some notable word editors like Werdsmith and iA Writer. Business cards? Download Cardmunch to scan a pile of cards, which then gets saved on your phone directory automatically.

Photography and imaging apps remain a strenght of the iPhone App library. There’s the popular, iPhone-only Instragram which allow your share nostalgia-themed photos easily through beautifully crafted filters. If you wish to take it to the next level, the $0.99 app Camera+ works great and gives you access to advanced editing capabilities.

The iPhone is also a great way to read ebooks as well, with later models sporting a high-resolution screen which makes text legible on a small device. On top of the built-in iBooks app, you may choose to download the iPhone version of Kindle as well as download Goodreader, the most popular PDF and Document reader on the iPhone.

Messaging works like a charm as well, with your iPhone capable of supporting multiple messaging apps like Facebook, Skype and other popular instant messaging clients. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, and as mentioned above, find which apps integrate well with your day-to-day activities.

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