What's in Store for your iPhone and iPad with the new Apple iOS 5?

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Apple is constantly challenging themselves to figure out "how to make the user experience even easier, even more intuitive and at the same time adding more power and functionality?". That is exactly what they have done with iOS 5.

These days we are getting a lot of notifications. Apple has created a brand new way of handling them. When a notification comes in, it is now a subtle animation right at the top of the screen and anywhere you are you can just swipe down from the top of your screen and will reveal the notification center. Within the notification center, you are able to view your missed calls, text messages, and application updates. When you tap on a notification, it will take you directly to that application. Apple has also made the experience with the lock-screen even better. At the lock-screen you are now able to see all of your messages and with a simple swipe you can jump right into the application that sent that notification.

Magazine, newspaper publishers and their readers have fallen in love with the iPad. Apple has added Newstand which organizes all of the user's subscriptions in one place and updated automatically so that the user will always have the latest issue. The newspaper and magazine store is also integrated within Newstand.

Another new feature of Apple iOS 5 is the Reminder application which helps you manage tasks and helps you keep up with all the things you have to do. This application also syncs up with iCalendar and Outlook across all of your iOS devices. This includes location-based reminders, so it can remind you to do something when you arrive at a destination or when you leave somewhere.

With iOS 5, Apple has integrated Twitter right into the OS. You'll only need to sign in once for all of your Twitter-enabled applications. The user is able to tweet directly from Photos, Safari, Youtube, and Maps and with the tap of a button you can optionally add your location.

When the original iPhone shipped, it revolutionized mobile web browsing. Safari was the first full-feature web browser that people can take with them. Now it is even faster and more impressive. With the in-application called Reader, you can eliminate clutter content. It will also let you change the font size, save articles to read later on and automatically shows up on all of your iOS devices. With tabbed browsing, it is easy to quickly flip between multiple web pages.

With Apple iOS 5, you have immediate access to the camera right from the lock-screen in which you can use the volume button to snap your photos. Another addition is the photo-editing function. Some quick edits include one-tap enhance, redeye reduction, and cropping right on the device.

There are some new cool features in Mail like rich text editing and system-wide split keyboard to make it easier to type. Apple has revamped Gamecenter, allowing users to add photos to profiles and making it easier to find new friends. IMessage can be looked at as the Blackberry's BBM for all Apple iOS devices. This means that your iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, will be able to communicate under one messaging platform. These are just some of the key features of the brand new mobile OS from Apple. Apple iOS 5 is expected to be available to the public in Fall 2011.

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