How Do I Choose A Cell Phone Plan For My Family?

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When choosing a cellphone plan for you and/or your family, you need to first consider your budget. Once you have determined your budget, you can decide if you are able to purchase a plan or a prepaid.

A plan usually requires a contract with a cellphone company for a certain amount of time (such as a two year contract) for a certain amount per month; a prepaid phone allows you to pay money as you go with no contract. When choosing a cellphone plan, you need to decide which features are important to you and your family. If you are the only person signing up, then, of course, you would choose an individual plan (which is more expensive per person than a family plan).

With a family plan, you need to decide which features you want such as Internet, text messaging, how many minutes, and so on. If your family is very cellphone savvy, then you should consider an unlimited everything plan. If cellphone usage is for emergency only then you should choose the amount of minutes you would like and perhaps a small amount of text messaging. Each cellphone company has a certain aspect they take pride in. Some have great pricing, but their service is not as good as other companies (Sprint); others have great service and the pricing is more expensive (AT&T).

I am the only individual in my household; therefore, I chose an individual plan. I am very cellphone savvy, so I choose a smartphone with unlimited minutes, text, and data/Internet. I am also just a dental assistant so I cannot afford the absolute best service; I chose Sprint. Sprint charges me less than $100 per month for a two year contract. My sister is a single mother and only uses her cellphone when and if she can afford it; she has a go phone or a prepaid phone and puts a little money on it at a time. Her cellphone is very simple and cannot access the Internet (which saves her a lot of money).

My parents very seldom use their cellphones; therefore they have a family plan with limited features. Every cellphone company is willing to work with you and help create personal plans that fit your style and budget. Just make sure you have done your research, declared a budget, and know which features you are looking for. If you just want to call then get a simple phone with limited features; if you are a business man/woman and need email and texting get a smartphone with great service and unlimited features.

The longer you stay with a company, the more upgrades you will receive; sometimes your bill will even decrease or stay the same when they increase their pricing. Remember, you are in charge and you have determined what you want. Do not let the phone company make you pay more than you are willing and be aware of the fine print and extra charges; there is always another option or company that will work with you.

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