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Fixing a running toilet-what you need to know

Lovnish Thakur, 2011-12-27

A running toilet is a serious nuisance. Besides costing water loss, it also adds to your water bills. The culprit can be the ball cork or the inlet valve. A simple understanding of the working mechanism of the toilet will help you get closer to the basic issue of fixing the running toilet.

Understand the basic cause of the problem and work out the relevant strategy.

You need a certain set of items before you get down self-diagnosing the problem and seeking a solution. Toilet repair parts, plungers and screwdriver sets are the items you need to be equipped with, while embarking on the mission of fixing the running toilet. Get down with work and ensure that you are wearing plastic gloves.

Identify the problem:

For the start you will need to remove the toilet tank lid. Check the ball cock. It is a simple valve that is attached to float. It can be either a metal ball or a plastic ball. Check the valve for any probable leakage. In case you hear or see any water leakage from this valve, you will need to clean the same or in a worst case scenario, replace it!

Press your hand further and reach to bottom of the tank. Exert some pressure on the edges of the tank flap. The flap is essentially a red or black rubber cone that is fitted into tank holes. Check for the sound of running water in the bowl. In case no water is flowing into the bowl, the flap might have deformed and will need replacement.

After you finish inspecting the tank, its time to get to work. Turn off the water supply and flush off the toilet to drain any water present. For seeking a new tank flap, visit the hardware store. A new tank flap will work for period of five years and you need to check it frequently for any minor repairs.

Work begins: (replacing the ball cock diaphragm)

In case the ball cock diaphragm needs replacement, you will need to snap off cover of ball cock. Using the screwdriver, remove four screws that hold the top plate of ball cock. The float control arm which is essentially spring loaded needs to be removed.

Remove the diaphragm as you proceed further. Check for any rust or piece of gravel that might be attached to the diaphragm causing the basic problem of water leakage. The diaphragm needs to be replaced. Flush the valve by turning the water supply on. This needs to be done to ensure proper functioning in future.

Change the top plate and fasten the new plate with screws. Turning the water supply on after replacing the lid will help you mend the problem.

Changing the tank flap:

In case the tank flap is giving you problem, its time to replace the same. Remove the tank flap, which is essentially a clamp type arrangement and is easy to remove using bare hands. Replace the worn out tank flap with a new one before turning on the water. To repair a running toilet is not a difficult task and you need to get hold of plumbing essentials, in order to repair a running toilet.

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