How to synch music from your iPhone to your iTunes music library?

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One of the cool things about using an iPhone is that you can easily learn how to move music from your iPhone to your iTunes music library with little to no trouble at all. iPhones take the term cellphone to a whole new level therefore, they are often referred to as smartphones. The iPhone devices allow you to download music directly to them without the use of a computer. The recent introduction of iPhones over the past couple of years has made listening to music on a cellphone a lot easier than in the past.Therefore, you may have songs on your iPhone that are not on your computer. You can easily transfer these songs with the help of a USB cord. Here are a few steps that will tell you exactly how to do this. To move music from you iPhone to computer, you will need a computer, a iTunes music player installed onto your computer and a USB cable.

Start by turning on your computer and connecting your iPhone to it using your USB cable. You can use the USB cable that comes along with your iPhone when you first buy it. Or if you do not have this then you can just use any standard 3.0 USB cable that fits into a 3.0 USB port on your computer. Wait for iTunes to appear, if it does not automatically start up then double click on the iTunes icon that is on your desktop. Wait for iTunes to recognize your iPhone device. Allow all of the music to begin syncing. Once iTunes recognizes your iPod music device it will begin moving the songs from your iPhone to your computer. This takes three steps. Wait for all three steps to finish before you press anything. If it does not begin syncing automatically click on your iPhone in the left hand side of your iTunes panel. Once it opens up all of the information on your iPhone go to where it says "synch" in the bottom right corner and click on it.


The first step in the syncing process invovles backing up all of the music on your iPhone. If you have a lot of music on your iPhone then this may take awhile. To avoid this step just click on the small "x" in the upper right corner. Do not click this "x" more than once as this may cause it to skip all of the other steps including the step that syncs your songs. Once the sync process has finished it was say "finish sync" in the screen of your iTunes music library. Check to make sure that all of the songs have been moved over from your iPhone to your computer. Go to your "recently added" panel option to see that all of the songs that you have on your iPhone have been transferred over to your iTunes music library. Moving songs from your iPhone to your computer is relatively easy and helps to ensure that you do not lose any of your songs.

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