What are the best free droid apps?

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One of the greatest things about the Internet is that it's full of opportunities for free stuff. Now that impressively powerful smart phones such as those running Android are on the scene, you'll definitely want to make the most of this advantage by getting some of the best free droid apps available. While there are many apps out there you can buy, there are a staggering amount of free droid apps that let you do all sorts of surprising things with your Droid phone. Some of the best, no-brainer free apps are-


Astro is a Droid staple that lets you treat your phone as if it were your desktop, with many of the same functions. It can be a nightmare to navigate around a droid phone, since it was designed for doing things quickly. It's especially a problem when you transfer files to the phone. Where did the files go?

The standard file app for your phone can be laughably inadequate for finding what you need. Astro lets you navigate through the files on your phone effectively. It also has all sorts of features that make you less prone to pulling out your hair, such as the search feature. You can just bring up the search on Astro and type in whatever file you want to find and presto, your file comes right up. Many other file management apps will charge for features like that. Astro gives it out free.


Pandora gives you free Internet radio. You'll definitely want an unlimited data plan to use this one, but it's well worth it. You can bring up your favorite artists, and Pandora will use the power of AI to find similar music, playing songs that you like all day, automatically while you drive or work. While there are other radio apps out there, Pandora’s specialty is more continuous play.


This app combines a few different features that are actually used in some other paid apps individually. Only with Lookout, they are all free. Lookout gives you a virus scanner, making sure each of the apps you install aren’t going to wreck your phone before giving them the green light. Lookout also has a backup feature, where you can backup your files in case something happens to your phone, and then restore them online. The best feature of Lookout though, is that it lets you sign in to a site online, and locate your phone remotely using the phone’s onboard GPS.

This makes it pretty hard for anyone to steal the phone from you. It also makes it hard for your forgetful brain to lose the phone for you, since you have a GPS lock on it. You’ll need a paid app to have other features like remote wiping, but Lookout offers everything else for free.

Fruit Ninja

This free app lets you satisfy any hidden desires you might have to cut up fruit with a sword. The game is simple and colorful, and pretty hard at higher levels as you use a touch screen to guide sword cuts through flying fruit.

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