How to speed up your smartphone?

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One of the most common problems that smartphone owners face is slowing down of their gadgets. In the fast moving world of today, we need everything to comply with our needs, and smartphones becoming an increasingly essential part of human existence, we want them to function without any delay whatsoever. If you have the same problem, read below for 4 efficient methods to speed up your smartphone,

1. Update your software:

First and foremost, the majority of smartphones slow down because the software thy're currently running in not fully capable of supporting the latest apps and functions. An outdated software will struggle to run the most basic of apps, and will lag dreadfully when you try opening multiple applications at the same time. To avoid this, update your phone to the latest software that your phone can run. Often, you will get a notification of said update. However, if because of some reason you don't, you can manually go to the settings in your phone and check for the latest update.

2. Clear the cache:

This is one of the most well known ways to speed up your smartphone. Every time you open an application, or browse the internet on your phone, certain data is required to keep them running. When you close the application, the data remains in your phone. Thereafter, when you open other applications, the data for those apps has limited space to function. This causes lagging and slowing down of those applications. Therefore, it is essential to clear the cache from time to time to keep your phone running smoothly.

3. Use expandable storage:

This one is only for the Android users. If you're the kind of person who downloads lots of apps and games, you probably had your phone slowing down very early on. This is because all the applications that you download store their data on the internal storage of your smartphone. Apps with larger sizes are more prone to doing this. To overcome this, you need to transfer all the apps that you can to your SD card. Your SD card needs to have lots of storage; at least 64 GB for smooth functioning. However, most apps will still use some of the internal space from your device, so you might see some level of lagging even after doing this if you have lots of apps on your smartphone.

4. Don't overuse your phone:

This may come as a little bit of sad news, but using your phone all the time WILL slow down your phone, no matter what you do. Although we are very dependent on our gadgets for most of our activities these days, it is beneficial to let them rest for some time. Meaning that you should switch it off from time to time to improve functioning. All you have to do is switch it off once or twice a day for a small amount of time. While you engage in some other other activity, your phone will get a chance to recuperate.

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